Read This: Focus! Be The Wheels!

In this clip I explain the importance of focus. Not your looking inward, type of focus, but the type of focus an entrepreneur needs to effectively growing their brand, business, and idea to the powerhouse the want it to be. I’m not into to skating but I felt like using the skateboard would be easy to analogize, and relate to. The wheels are the keep component to skating, but merely a component.

Giving the board a exclusive touch only your wheels can offer can excel your brand. What are your wheels?

I used the example of Google, starting as a search engine, a simple and popular online trend at the time. Google managed to gain massive popularity with just a search. People knew what the were getting each and every time from Google, the answer.

I challenge all entrepreneurs to find their wheel, their search engine, their THING, that they can do better the the big dogs. Do it better, smarter, and bigger than them. I guarantee you’ll win.


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